Three Benefits of Sober Housing

Many people have more success getting sober in a rehab facility than at home. This is because when you are in a rehab, your environment and activities are tightly controlled. You make few decisions for yourself, and you have to stick to a set schedule of activities and therapies. Sober housing usually doesn’t control as much as rehab, but it does allow for more restrictions than living on your own. Here are some of the benefits of sober housing.

Restricted Access

Just like rehab, sober housing offers restricted access. As a general rule, only residents and treatment providers are allowed on the property, at least during certain hours. This restricted access means that you will not have to worry about drugs or alcohol being present when you are at home.

Restricted Activities

Sober housing usually has strict rules about curfew and where you spend your time away from the house. This restriction in activity and freedom may seem a violation of your rights and privacy, but it is actually a way to ensure that you don’t have any unscheduled time away from the house. This makes it less likely that you are to seek out or abuse drugs or alcohol when away from the sober house.

Ongoing Treatment

Sober living arrangements usually include access to a therapist, mental health professional, addiction counselor, and group therapy sessions. These ongoing treatments can be done on an outpatient basis, but making them a part of sober housing makes it more likely that you will stick to the treatments long-term.

If you are interested in using sober housing to continue your sobriety after rehab, contact us today for more information.