Three Benefits of Meditation

There are many tools that you can use to help you stay sober. One of the best tools at your disposal is meditation. You can literally meditate at any time that you need to. You can meditate on breaks at work, in the middle of your day, while grocery shopping, or doing anything else that causes you anxiety and makes you want to go back to your old life. Here are some benefits of meditation.

Physical Benefits

There are many physical benefits to meditation. Meditation can help calm your mind and body. It can lower blood pressure, decrease headaches, and increase your energy level. Meditation can also increase your serotonin production, elevating your mood.

Mental Health Benefits

There are also several mental health benefits to meditation. It can decrease anxiety, make you calmer, help you gain focus, improve emotional stability, decrease stress, and help you relax. All of these benefits can help you cope with life in a way other than turning to drugs and alcohol. 

Anywhere, Anytime

You may not always be able to get to a sober meeting at the drop of a hat, but you can meditate anytime, almost anywhere. As long as you have a fairly quiet place to sit and meditate or if you can block out what is going on around you, you can meditate whenever it is needed. Many people meditate in bathrooms while out and about or at work.

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