How Your Addiction Affects Your Loved Ones

Addiction doesn’t only impact the life of the addict; it also has a significant effect on the people who are close to them, whether it be friends, family members, and significant others. This can make for a very complicated situation as loved ones try to navigate their relationships with an individual who’s struggling with addiction. The behaviors of the addicted individual don’t affect that person alone; risky and unhealthy behaviors will have a ripple effect on loved ones. 


One of the main aspects of a relationship that’s lost when a person becomes addicted is trust. Addiction makes a person less capable of staying true to their word and following through on their promises. People who are suffering from addiction also have more difficulty keeping up with their responsibilities. No matter the type of relationship, whether it be between romantic partners, a parent and child, friends, or siblings, addiction can lead to a major loss of trust that can be enormously difficult to rebuild. 


Addiction can foster codependency in relationships. Given that addiction takes a major physical and mental toll, addicts may experience illness and/or disease as a result. Loved ones may assume a caretaker role in this instance, feeling obligated to care for the individual in the throes of addiction. This may lead your loved ones to neglect their own needs, caring for you instead of taking care of themselves.


Loved ones often experience severe stress as a result of addiction in their partner, friend, or family member. Responsibilities like paying bills, cleaning up, running errands, and taking care of children can fall onto the shoulders of loved ones when a person is addicted. Extreme stress, especially if it’s bottled up for an extended period, makes it more likely that loved ones will have explosive outbursts or try to cut off the relationship altogether. 

Addiction is insidious, especially when it comes to the relationships with the people that you love the most. Dream Life Treatment Center offers treatment and sober housing to help you recover from addiction and rebuild your relationships. Contact us today.