How To Support Your Adult Child in Their Addiction Recovery

Having a loved one who’s struggling with addiction is always extremely difficult. However, parents of adult children who have developed an addiction face a unique set of challenges. As a parent, your instinct is to always protect your child. In cases of addiction, there’s a fine line between protecting your child and enabling his or her addiction. This makes it important to understand how to support your adult child in addiction recovery in a productive manner. 

Set Boundaries.

It’s important to set boundaries with your adult child to build a healthy relationship, rather than a codependent one. Codependency can actually lead to parents unintentionally exacerbating their child’s addiction. Setting boundaries, such as not habitually loaning them money or not taking phone calls in the middle of the night, can encourage your child to be independent. This will better prepare them for a healthy lifestyle after they’ve fully recovered.  

Don’t Cast Judgment for the Addiction. 

Although your adult child did choose to start using substances, addiction itself isn’t a choice. Drugs and alcohol can make a powerful impact on the brain and behaviors. While your adult child is recovering, understand that their addiction may be causing feelings of discouragement and shame. Passing judgment on their addiction can heighten these feelings. Instead, aim to separate the behavior from the person and avoid confrontation. 

Stay Sober When You’re Around Your Child. 

As your child is recovering from addiction, and even after he or she has left the treatment center, make sure to stay sober when you’re around them. This can go a long way toward avoiding triggers that could send them back on an unhealthy path. 

Talk to Your Child About How To Best Support Them. 

Ultimately, communication is key. Maintaining open communication during the addiction recovery process will be essential in fostering a strong parent-child relationship. Aim to create a space in which your child feels comfortable to speak honestly, without fear of judgment. 

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