How Sober Living Helps You Build a New Life

Are you recently sober, or have you tried to get sober before and relapsed? In either case, you probably figured out pretty quickly that staying away from drugs and alcohol is harder than you thought. Often, these things are completely ingrained into our lives, from our daily habits to the people we hang out with. How do you get away from it?

Sober living exists specifically for these types of situations. These programs allow you to slowly reintegrate into society with a job and/or education opportunities, but they do so much more. Sober living arrangements also remove triggers and influences that could cause you to relapse while you learn coping skills for when you are ready to go back to a normal life.

Some of the common reasons for relapse include:

  • Being around people or places that you associate with drug addiction
  • Resuming habits that you associate with substance use
  • Being around the substance itself
  • Celebrating

As you can see, the most common triggers for relapse are all associated with going back to your old life. While you can’t hide forever, you can buy yourself some time before returning fully to society. 

Sober living also gives you the ability to take your time to build a new life for yourself. When you are able to get a different job, meet new people, make new friends, and detach yourself from everything in your previous life, staying sober will be a lot easier. These special living arrangements give you the support you need to make your goals a reality.

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