How Addiction Can Implode a Person’s Life

When addiction takes hold in a person, it can impact every aspect of their life. The ramifications of addiction are far-reaching and brutal, affecting not only the person struggling with addiction, but also their loved ones. In cases of addiction, relationships, careers, and lives are at risk.


Addiction has extensive consequences, and the burden doesn’t fall on the shoulders of the addict alone. All types of relationships, whether it’s between family, friends, or significant others, suffer when one individual develops an addiction. Addiction diminishes trust and independence between loved ones, and it can put the sober individual under a lot of stress. Feelings of anger, resentment, and fear can build over time, too often leading to broken relationships as a result of addiction. 


Addiction can quickly and ruthlessly derail your career. Alcohol and drug abuse largely diminish one’s ability to make sound decisions, be productive, and follow through on responsibilities. This can lead to:

  • Being late to work
  • Having withdrawal at work
  • Bad decision making
  • Poor focus
  • Low quality of work

These and the many other possible effects of addiction on your ability to work could lead to a loss of employment. People who are struggling with addiction and lose their jobs may have even more difficulty trying to get a new job, leading to a downward career spiral. 

Physical and Mental Health

Addiction has a severe negative impact on both physical and mental health. Depression and anxiety commonly accompany addiction. These mental health conditions, if left untreated, can fuel the addiction as the addict attempts to achieve relief from feelings of depression or anxiety. 

Physically, the effects of addiction can be detrimental and take a toll on your health in the long-term. Drugs and alcohol impact just about every bodily system, from the respiratory system to the liver to the kidneys and even the heart. Ultimately, with tens of thousands of overdose deaths occurring each year, substance abuse puts your life at stake. 

While addiction is extremely damaging to all aspects of life, recovery is possible. Contact Dream Life Treatment Center today to learn more about our substance abuse and mental health treatment options.