Four Hobbies to Help You Stay Sober

When you decide to get sober, it can be difficult to find ways to fill your time. Before you were sober, a large portion of your time was probably taken by drugs and alcohol in one way or another. Now that you have cut those things out of your life, it is important to replace them with healthy and active hobbies that will help keep your mind off of what you have given up. Here are four hobbies that are great for helping you stay sober.


Any type of exercise is good for you, but many people find that exercise is a good way to get out the restlessness that comes with wanting to go back to your old life. Taking up jogging, running, walking, or weight lifting can give you a physical way to get out aggression, frustration, and restlessness without getting yourself into trouble.

Team Sports

Does your local area have adult sports teams? If so, this can be a great hobby to pick up to help you stay sober. It is a bonus if you can get onto an adult team made up of other recovering addicts. In this way, you can offer each other support while keeping yourselves busy with something productive. You can also use your time on a sports team to support a local charity or children’s organization.

Charity Work and Runs

Immersing yourself in charity work is another great way to give back to the community while keeping yourself busy. You can volunteer at your local pet shelter, homeless shelter, or soup kitchen, among others. You can also spend time preparing for and running in different marathons that benefit local or national charities.

If you are interested in getting help to live sober with hobbies like these and others, contact us today for more information about our sober living services.