Cutting Ties: Why It’s Difficult and Why It’s Important

Have you heard the phrase, “Blood is thicker than water?” A lot of people throw that phrase around quite a bit. They use this as an explanation and reasoning for sticking with family no matter what they do, but psychologists are urging people to recognize that toxic people, even if they share your bloodline, should not be tolerated.

Why is it so hard to cut off friends you’ve had for years?

Often when we are friends with someone for a long time, we think of them as family, and it can be very difficult to cut off family. But you have to remember that your mental health and sobriety require you to remove stress and drama from your life. Regardless of how long you have known someone, if they are an addict or are otherwise toxic, you really have to walk away.

What about family? How do you cut toxic family members from your life?

Cutting out family can be a lot more difficult than eliminating past “friends.” Especially if you have other family who accept these members regardless of their behavior or intentions, it can be hard to stay away from them. You might have to put your foot down and refuse to attend family gatherings with that person present, but be prepared to be excluded from activities if your family sides with the toxic person.

Why is it so important to cut toxic people from your sober life?

Eliminating people from your life who could trigger you to use again is really important for your success. You will not be able to stay sober with a lot of drama in your life. It is especially important that you cut any substance users from your life so that you’ll be able to stay away from it for good.

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