Three Benefits of Sober Housing

Many people have more success getting sober in a rehab facility than at home. This is because when you are in a rehab, your environment and activities are tightly controlled. You make few decisions for yourself, and you have to stick to a set schedule of activities and therapies. Sober housing usually doesn’t control as much as rehab, but it does allow for more restrictions than living on your own. Here are some of the benefits of sober housing.

Restricted Access

Just like rehab, sober housing offers restricted access. As a general rule, only residents and treatment providers are allowed on the property, at least during certain hours. This restricted access means that you will not have to worry about drugs or alcohol being present when you are at home.


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How Mental Illness and Addiction Are Connected

Have you recently been diagnosed with a mental illness? If so, you are not alone. About half of all adult addicts also have a mental health disorder. Even if you have not yet received a diagnosis, you could very well have an undiagnosed disorder.

There are different theories about why this is the case, and most of them have come to the same conclusion. For many people, their introduction to drugs was a direct response to mental health symptoms, even when people are not fully aware of it. You may think that drugs and alcohol make you feel better, but not really know why.


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Four Hobbies to Help You Stay Sober

When you decide to get sober, it can be difficult to find ways to fill your time. Before you were sober, a large portion of your time was probably taken by drugs and alcohol in one way or another. Now that you have cut those things out of your life, it is important to replace them with healthy and active hobbies that will help keep your mind off of what you have given up. Here are four hobbies that are great for helping you stay sober.


Any type of exercise is good for you, but many people find that exercise is a good way to get out the restlessness that comes with wanting to go back to your old life. Taking up jogging, running, walking, or weight lifting can give you a physical way to get out aggression, frustration, and restlessness without getting yourself into trouble.


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Three Ways Sober Housing Helps You Kick Addiction

When you are trying to get sober and stay sober, it can be very difficult in certain situations. Many addicts choose to seek out sober living arrangements so that they will have some support in their struggles. Sober housing has a lot of really great benefits beyond kicking the addiction. Here are just a few ways that it helps you stay sober.

No Drugs or Alcohol

One of the hardest things for addicts leaving rehab is that they go back to their previous living situation, which may not be drug and alcohol free. Sober housing has strict rules about no drugs or alcohol. And because of this, you can avoid being exposed to the temptation entirely until you know you can handle it.


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